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Hello friends! My name is Natalie.

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How Powerful Parallel was born:

My interest in jewelry and design started in 2005 while working part time at a local bead store in Oberlin, OH. What started out as a hobby for myself, quickly turned into a love language for me. I began gifting all the ladies in my life handcrafted jewels for every occasion. I even dabbled in custom requests for proms and weddings. 

In 2020, during the horror of the pandemic, I was fortunate to find something special - I found time. Time to think, time to feel, and time to create. I had forgotten how rewarding it was to create, to play and follow my curiosity wherever it takes me - spoiler alert - it always takes me higher.

Here I am now. Turning my hobby into a business that is built on bringing balance and curiosity to people like you. I hope you like what you see because I know it will look stunning on you!


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